Call for contribution

If you are a researcher, academician, teacher, or an enthusiastic individual in the workshop’s themes and involved in educational activities, please consider presenting your activities to the Ocean Observers’ community. To do so, please submit an abstract of your activities. 

We welcome contributions aiming to show how the following scientific themes linked with ocean observations can be used in educational and outreach activities.  


THEME A. How does the ocean regulate our climate? 

  • El Nino and La Nina cycle
  • The thermohaline circulation
  • Atmospheric and ocean currents
  • States of the water
  • The water cycle
  • Cyclone development

 THEME B. Climate change and its impact on marine ecosystem and human life

  • Investigating Sea Level Rise
  • Carbon Cycle
  • Investigating Ocean Acidification
  • Ocean Deoxygenation
  • Sustainable Fishing 

THEME C. Instruments and technology

  • How can ocean observing technology be explained in a classroom? 
  • How marine observing instruments operate (e.g. Argo floats, gliders, buoys, etc.)
  • How can animals help in ocean observations?
  • How data is transmitted from sea to ocean labs?

Submit your abstract here 

Reviewing process

Every abstract will be reviewed by the workshop organisers, and the results of the review will be sent to the author by email by the 7th October 2021.