Marine science popularization and outreach are becoming more and more important to raise awareness among the communities that a healthy ocean is vital for the well-being of generations to come.

The existing educational and outreach activities focused on in situ ocean observations are isolated and lack national and international visibility.

In this context, the Ocean Observers attempts to bring together different actors involved in marine science outreach activities to:

  • do a review of the existing initiatives;
  • favour discussions and collaboration between people engaged in marine science outreach programmes
  • engage “new” schools, educators and private associations in ocean observing outreach activities;
  • give educators marine science information they could apply to their unique environments to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean for human life among school children and local communities;
  • give scientists (researchers and PhD students) tools and suggestions to share and make their results understandable by large public;
  • federate a community around a coordinated project.