The Ocean Observers Working Group

The Ocean Observers Working Group was established after the 1st workshop, in 2017, as an informal grouping of people involved in educational activities focused on ocean observations who share information, expertise, materials related to ocean observations. It is currently composed of 14 Members, from 8 countries.

Objectives of the Working Group

  1. Keep the community alive
  2. Have regular on-line meetings to inform the group about the educational activities around ocean observations at regional level 
  3. Define the content of future Ocean Observers workshops  

Criteria for participation in the Working Group

The group is open to anyone who works in marine science communications and education with an interest in ocean observations. Members of the working group are expected to:

  1. Actively participate in the group activities to meet the objectives
  2. Represent the ocean observers outside the community

Working Group members

Marine Bollard, Communication officer, France, Euro-Argo ERIC

Carol Brieseman, Teacher, New Zealand

Lara Diaz, Engineer, Spain, SOCIB

Dina Eparkhina, Senior Policy and Communications Officer, Belgium, EuroGOOS

Deirdre Fitzhenry, Scientific & technical officer, Ireland, Marine Institute

Claire Gourcuff, Science officer, France, Euro-Argo ERIC

Keith Hartle, Teacher, New Zealand

Dimitris Kassis, Researcher, Greece, HCMR

Thomas Mtontsi, Education officer, South Africa

Emanuela Rusciano, Science & Communication coordinator, France, OceanOPS

Carolyn Scheurle, Scientific mediator, France, IMEV

Emily Smith, Program manager, USA, NOAA

Carol Young, Teacher, New Zealand

The Working Group is currently coordinated by Emanuela Rusciano (OceanOPS), Claire Gourcuff (Euro-Argo ERIC) and Marine Bollard (Euro-Argo ERIC)


OceanOPS: Emanuela Rusciano

Euro-Argo ERIC: Claire Gourcuff & Marine Bollard