Interactive activity to be done in groups to discover the tides with a board game

Thanks to this Monopoli-style board game, your students will be able to discover the tides from a scientific and historical point of view.

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20-30 students/ 1 hour
Type of content: interactive and dynamic activity to be done in groups
Materials required: the board, the Curiosities cards, the Chance cards, the Cities cards, the Cities card captions, the Curiosities cards captions, the dice and the rules of the game


Follow the rules of the game, the goal being to collect as many points as possible in each round while answering the various questions.

In the course of the game, students will be able to discover the evolution of the theory of tides from Aristote to Laplace. In addition, they will discover the different types of tides according to the locations featured in the game. They will also be able to read little stories about the tides when they come across the Cities cards.

To learn more about tides, the book MAREOPOLI is also available.