Human health and the ocean

Understand that the marine environment has a major bearing on current and future human health

Fact sheets 

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Group activity

Duration: 45 min

Type of activity: reading material

Language: English

Material required: the booklet in digital or printed format

This brochure contains 6 fact sheets.

The first one focuses on the usefulness of the ocean for humanity and human health.

The second one presents the ocean as a climate regulator and explains the consequences of climate change on marine life but also on human life.

The third outlines the nutritional value of the food provided by the oceans and the dangers of pollution on seafood. This sheet also highlights current fisheries and aquaculture production, its evolution and future.

The fourth sheet goes into more detail on marine pollution, while the fifth demonstrates the value of the ocean, its ecosystems and marine organisms for medicine.

The last sheet describes the benefits of the oceans for mental and physical health. These factsheets are completed with a bibliography that allows students and teachers to go one step further.

For younger readers, try an illustrated book:

"The Ocean is my home" (5-8)