Online activity to discover Argo floats as an ocean observation tool

Thanks to the video “Argo Floats: How do we measure the ocean?”, your students will be able to answer different questions about Argo floats and on temperature, pressure, depth and salinity measurements.

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1 hour
Type of content: online activity
Material required: a computer or a tablet for each student



Once they have seen the video on how to observe the oceans, students can start answering the quiz questions.


Through this activity, the students will discover what Argo floats measure and why scientists need them. They will also be able to learn how floats sink and drift in the ocean and their life cycle.

This activity contains a video followed by four sections of questions. The first section concerns floats in general. The second focuses on measurements of pressure, temperature, depth and salinity. The last ones deal with the comparison of temperatures collected by  floats along the same longitude and latitude. You can find the whole activity on the link at the top of the page.