How to model the water cycle [video]

Understand the water cycle by playing it out

application/pdf How to model the water cycle activity sheet


Group activity

Duration: 45 to 90 min

Type of activity: hands-on modelization

Language: English

Materials required: chalk or rope to trace lines on the ground

 In this activity, students become water molecules and change state from solid, to liquid, to gas. They then move around between the ocean, air and land to act out the water cycle.

Acting out processes that are too big or too small to be investigated easily is a good learning strategy!

The videos show examples of how this activity can play out. The instructions can be found in the downloadable activity sheet.

For younger readers, try an illustrated book:

"The Ocean is my home" (5-8)

Follow up with experiments on the properties of water:

The physics of water (12-18)