Online activity to discover which phytoplankton you are

Through this fun little quiz, your students will be able to find out what type of phytoplankton they are, according to their personality.

Link to the online activity © NASA PACE

5 minutes
Type of content: online activity
Material required: a computer for one or two students


This short activity is a fun way to introduce phytoplankton and its different types to your students. This questionnaire can therefore be used as an introduction to a chapter on phytoplankton or marine plant biology.

Throughout the quiz, students are asked to answer questions about their tastes and social behaviour. At the end of the questionnaire, students will discover which species of phytoplankton they correspond to. In addition, they can learn more about this species from a link at the end of the activity. They can even print a certificate to "authenticate" their phytoplankton identity.