Experiment on salinity and saturation [video]

Simulate the increase of seawater salinity by dissolving salt in water.

 application/pdf Experiment on salinity - activity sheet

© Díaz-Barroso, L., Lizarán, I., & Ortiz, V./SOCIB

Group activity - 15 students

Duration: 30 min

Type of activity: experiment

Language: English, Spanish with English subtitles

Materials required: a glass, cold water, salt, a spoon

Follow the step-by-step experimental protocol detailed in the video "Is the sea getting saltier?" to simulate and observe an increase in water salinity to the point of salt overconcentration.

This experiment reproduces what happens in the ocean. When the quantity of salt is too important, the water cannot dissolve any more salt. As a result, salt crystals form and remain at the bottom of the water.

The protocol is avalaible for download in PDF format, with questions.

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