Interactive activity to be done in groups to trace the journey of an Argo float

With this activity your students will have to work collaboratively to put the cards in the right order to retrace the journey of the float.

application/pdf Sorting activity © Carol Brieseman



15-20 minutes / groups of 3-5 students
Type of content: interactive and dynamic activity to be done in groups
Materials required: the cards printed from the PDF document


Print off the cards and arrows and then in get the students to sort them into correct order, showing their understanding of the Life Cycle of an Argo Float.


By studying this diagram of the life of the float, students will be able to understand how the float works as it sinks and rises to the surface. They will understand the crucial role of these floats.  Indeed, they will have to work together to put the stages of the float's life cycle in the right order. So, at the end of this activity the students will know the full life cycle of a float. You can use this resource to introduce the different float sensors and their uses.


The cards are available in a digital version from the PDF document. Once downloaded, you can print and cut out the cards.