A children's book about the importance of the ocean, science and environmental protection.

In this 20-page book, Jake the Turtle is an oceanographer. He explains his role in observing the ocean and informs us that the ocean helps us all, even when we don't live under the water, and it is important to value and protect it.

application/pdf The Ocean is My Home book © Dina Eparkhina, Karri Lehtonen, 2017/EuroGOOS


40 minutes 
Type of content: reading activity or material for one or more lessons 
Material required: the book in print or digital form (available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian)


This book is written for children and their parents to serve as a basis for dialogue between them to discuss the health and sustainability of our environment. 

The book explains why the ocean is important for all of us, whether we live nearby or far away, what role it plays in the weather and water cycle, and what it means to collect ocean data. It concludes with examples of what each of us can do right away to take care of the ocean, which is a home to us all.


The book contains beautiful illustrations and opens up big chapters in environmental knowledge and protection. While the text is simple and is recommended for children from age 5, the illustrations and ideas can suit as materials for much older children. The book can be read with the child or used as a basis for lessons about sustainability.