Individual activity to discover and understand tides

Thanks to this activity, your students will be able to understand how the tides work and how long they last, and will be able to reproduce a model to find out their period.

application/pdf Tidal activity © Keith Hartle, Carol Young, New Zealand/SEREAD


1 hour
Type of content: individual activity
Materials required: map of the area related to tide times, paper, thin cardboard, come clear plastic, scissors, paper fastener



This activity, at the top of the page, consists of three exercises. Through these three exercises, students will learn to use the tide tables, understand the role of the Moon in regulating the tides, learn about the duration of the tides and model the tidal system. They will also discover the different types of tides (spring/neap) depending on the time period in the month.


The first exercise focuses on the tides, the second and third one on the tidal system and the last is about the spring and neap tides.