Experiments on sea level rise [video]

Discover the two main causes of sea level rise

  application/pdf Sea level rise experiments - activity sheet


Group activity

Duration: 1 to 2.5 hours

Type of activity: hands-on experiment

Language: English

Materials required for the first experiment: a clear plastic bottle and container, a straw about 30cm long, a ruler, two types of food colouring, some Blu-Tack

Materials required for the second experiment: a bowl, ice cubes, a flat rock, foil or a plastic container to wrap the rock

With these two experimental activities, participants will be able to examine the direct causes of rising sea level.

The first activity is a simple way to show how water expands when it is heated, using a water bottle and a straw.  

The second activity, as is shown in the video, explores another reason for sea level rise, the inflow of freshwater from melting land ice and polar caps.

The experimental protocol for both activities is provided in the activity sheet, as well as an observation, explanation and extension section. These are accompanied by questions designed to help the aspiring scientists understand and analyze their observations. 

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