Experimental activity to build together a natural sea wall

Students will design and build a “soft” sea wall using biodegradable materials that trap the sand and provide a basis for future plant growth.

application/pdf Building a soft sea wall activity instructions © Keith Hartle, Carol Young, New Zealand/SEREAD


Long time project / 30 students
Type of content: experimental activity to be done outside the class
Materials required: biodegradable materials (such as old coconut leaves, mats, sticks, driftwood, dead plant material) and sand


Together students will have to find the ideal location to build this sea wall. They will have to use biodegradable materials and pile them up to build a solid foundation.

Natural sea walls are made of biodegradable materials that help protect the coast from erosion caused by rising sea levels and wave action.

A PDF document with the complete protocol of the activity is available. At the bottom of the page there is a discussion section containing four questions that the students will have to answer in order to understand the purpose of this activity.