Discover what kind of oceanographer you want to be with a colouring sheet

Learn about what an oceanographer does and the instruments she uses

Colouring sheet  

Individual or group activity

Duration: 30 min

Type of activity: colouring sheet

Language: Catalan

Materials required: crayons, pencils, markers…

This activity can be used as a starting point to introduce the different ocean observation networks and the everyday work of an oceanographer. The sheet shows an Argo float, a glider, a radar, a ship, a buoy, a probe measuring water conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) and a sea turtle carrying a sensor on its carapace.

The oceanographer has various outfits and instruments adapted to each of her activities. This can be used to show what outfit is best fo what task: lab work, collecting samples, work on a boat, etc.

Follow up with a reading activity:

"The Ocean is my home" (5-8)