Follow the journey of an Argo float

Work collaboratively and put the cards in the right order to retrace the journey of a regular Argo float.

application/pdf Sorting cards

© Carol Brieseman, New Zealand /Hampton Hill School

Group activity 3-5 students

Duration: 15-20 min

Type of activity: sorting cards game

Language: English

Materials required: the cards printed from the PDF document, the "Journey of an Argo float" illustration (printed or displayed on screen)

Sort the cards into the correct order, using the illustration below as a reference.


By studying the diagram of the journey of an Argo float, participants will discover how the float works and what it does as it sinks and rises to the surface. They will also understand the crucial role of these floats.  

The participants will have to work together to put the stages of the float's life cycle in the right order.

This resource can also be used to introduce the different float sensors and their uses.

For older participants, try an experiment or an online quiz:

How do Argo floats observe the oceans? (9-11)

Experiment how an Argo float moves (9-11)